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Pingyang keda packing machine factory,Zhejiang,has Thirty years history to professional produce cylinder plastic braided sack recombination machines and compound sacks,which have ample production experience,abundant technical personnel.At the same time,we have paid affenfion to new or old products development and transform,early or late have awarded national eight patents. We have gained some avards-national"the seventh five years"plan fair gold medal,'1992 nationwide sparkplan achievement(patent technique)gold medal and Zhejiang pinyang first-class reward of science and technology progress.We are the lead enterprise in pingyang plastic machine trade of zhejiang,which is well known and largescaled.We has awarded the title of"Abiding by contracts and keeping promise",and the honor of"major recommending building materials product",which faces all the country,and"major supporting unit"by China industry Design Federation and Building Materials industry Design Committee.

  Early several years ago,in order to work out the problems in package in our nation,particular the cement package,which is in high ratio of wastage and seriously pollution,the factory has researched for many years to develop the new laminating package produce line.The equipment uses extruding double die head and compound colloid roller to recombine cylinders plastic braided sack.So it is of strong compound intensity and good whole mechnics function.And compound products various targets reach national standards.Specially after the Paper No.20(1996) has been made known to lower levels by National Building Material Bureau—washing out the un-filmed cement package,we wholly improved the laminating equipments basing on the market.The aim of the improvement is to advance quality、speed,and lower the cost.Right now,we have achieved many significant successes.The line speed of the laminator is about 100 meters,and each square of compound material of cement bag is 2-5 gram.The succful development of folding machine has put an end to the primal manipulation of folding by hand,which has greatly improved the productivity.

  Specially after BOPP color film plastic woven bag be launched into the market in 1998,the demand for laminator has grown very fast,and the competition has become more and more drastic.At this time,we not only improved the function of the laminator,but also lost no time to develop computer-controlled cutting machine.The development of the machine has replaced the history of making bag by hand,and greatly improved the productivity of BOPP color film.

  We pay attention to quality and after sale service,so we have higher reputation in clients.At Present,At present,our"keda" recombination machine is far ahead in this area of other areas.
  Welcome new and old customers to our factory and China plastic Braided City-Xiaojiang Recombination Market.

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